Our Grant Scheme is designed to support projects in the state of Madrya Pradesh in Northern Central India and Bangladesh that further our objectives and improve the lives and education of the disadvantaged – particularly those with disabilities and learning difficulties. Our support will initially concentrate on building a sustainable relationship with institutions and projects in and around the city of Gwalior.

The Trust will support capital projects that meet our objectives and achieve visible outcomes and benefit that make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged people (especially children) and their communities.

If you wish to apply for funds to support your on-going revenue budget then you should apply to the Trust directly.

We look to work in partnership with similar like-minded charities based in the United Kingdom, so that together we can enhance the benefit that we can jointly provide. Applications may come either from these UK based charities or directly from registered Societies in India or Bangladesh. Charities with an annual turnover in excess of £100,000 are not eligible for a capital grant.

Some Projects we’ve supported:

Faisal Wajed Memorial School in Bangladesh

The Trust Gave a grant for the construction of new classrooms on the first floor of the existing school in a remote part of North West Bangladesh.


Home of Champions in Dakha

The Trust gave a grant towards the ongoing upkeep of the Home of Champions Orphanage working in partnership with World in Need.

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An application can be made at any time and will normally considered and a decision reached by the Trustees within 4 months of receipt of the application.

All applications will be acknowledged – usually by email.

To apply please download and complete the following form: